Wednesday, August 24, 2016


A pretty epic show as already in progress when Dan and I got down to the beach last night. stripers and blues were already chewing up silversides and the gannets were there in force. It was an awesome sight and one that always makes an inshore fly fisherman exited. Needless to say we rushed to get geared up and into the water.

The blitzes were some of the best I've ever been able to actually fish, but as is always the case with a sand flat blitz they moved around. Fortunately there were sea robins around to make the brakes between the bite worth while. The first one I caught really doesn't count as I literally hand lined it. It was screwing around by my feet and I dropped the clouser on it and jigged it around with my left hand and when he ate I punched. Pretty  cool. And when we hooked a robin incidentally it usually had buddies follow it in. At one point I was unhooking a robin and I watched one of his two buddies swim off behind me. I told Dan to but a cast there and sure enough he hooked up. But the thing with that first one I caught? I couldn't get it off soon enough because right as I put the camera away a blitz started right in front of us!

It was awesome to have blues and a decent amount of stripers just chewin away right in front of us. The best part was we would hook into a couple of fish every time the blitz was near us, where as the spin casters a little ways down the shore caught maybe two fish while we were there. We usually doubled up too. 

So I caught nothing but blues and sea robins at that spot, but right at the end Dan nailed a little schoolie. When the action died completely we moved to another hot spot, where there were lots of adult bunker and a few better stripers popping. I got a few blow ups on a bunker pattern but did not connect. Dan on the other hand did, with the best fish of the evening!

Every time I go I get more impressed. I just can't wait to go back!


  1. That was exciting! Nice night to be there. Nice catches and Dan did very well.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...