Monday, August 15, 2016

Schoolies, Fluke, and Bunker By the Thousands

Maybe that isn't at all a fair number. There was a lot of peanut bunker in my striper spot last night.

Dan about to be engulfed by millions of filter feeders.
This time of year there needs to be he perfect number of bunker in order for you to have good fishing- just enough to a attract the larger stripers, just few enough that putting your fly in front of one of those bass and getting to eat is at least probable. Last night I'd say there were a few too many bunker and not enough predators as is often the case in the summer inshore. Dan (weightforward) and I had a tough time getting into decent fish. We caught fish, both getting a schoolie or two and some sea robins, and right as we were loosing light I nailed a pair of fluke (my first ever actually) but it was not spectacular by LIS standards.


  1. That was productive. Like I've said before, when fishing salt you just never know what you will catch. That was fun!!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. These were all typical fish, but lately some freaks have been showing up, red drum for example.