Saturday, August 20, 2016

Small Stream Warm Water Fish

After I quit on my spring creek the other day I fished like a madman. I was searching low and high for brookies in a stream where I have caught them sporadically. The flow was healthy but the water temperatures were on the warm side, and even when I found a nice cold section I didn't find brookies. That doesn't mean I didn't hook fish, they were just the "wrong" kinds: largemouth, rock bass, redbreast sunfish, bluegills, fallfish, creek chubs... eventually I gave up on the salmonids and instead of half assed quick run and gun style fishing I slowed down and targeted specific fish. Though it was a small stream and the fish were sized to match I ended up getting a lot more out of the day than I expected.

I chose my last hole and decided that instead of just fishing it through I would sit on a huge midstream rock and wait and watch. I didn't change from the Hornberg I had on, I knew I wouldn't need to. The first fish I caught in that little section, just before I climbed up on the rock, was a nice largemouth. For this creek it was a big bass. But as I relaxed on the rock a bigger one would soon reveal itself.

Just lounging on that rock and making precise, calculated casts was a great experience. I took my time, enjoyed the wildflowers, and admired the fish instead of looking at them only through the camera lens. I found myself smiling to myself while taking in every detail of a small rock bass.

I had caught and released a few small bass when I spotted a larger one entering the pool. Instead of targeting that fish I took a break, knowing it had already seen my fly and would put the other smaller fish on alert. After my five minute rest I cast the Hornberg into the middle of the pool and let it flutter down. When I saw it disappear abruptly I set the hook. I knew immediately which fish I had on. After a very spirited battle I landed the king of the pool.

An hour later I knew I had to leave, so I gently slid off the rock and waded up to my exit point, still smiling about what a great afternoon it had been.


  1. Love that slow down and enjoy mode. I've done that so many times. "Learned that from your Mom." Beautiful Bass for that size of creek!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Sometimes you just have to slow down like that.