Monday, August 29, 2016

Five Ponds and Some Dinky Fish; One River and a Personal Best

So the five ponds I fished today all do have some decent fish, even some large fish, but I didn't encounter any of those today so let's just do a quick overview.

Pond 1: One small bluegill on the Chernobyl Ant.

Pond 2: On tiny bluegill, lots of small shad like fish seen. Potentially good kayak pond.

Pond 3: One small bass, one average bluegill.

Pond 4: A few more gills, one small bass. Very little space so I had to strip set with a dry fly... not so good.

Pond 5: Better bluegills, but it was very difficult to get them through the 4 ft. margin of super thick lily pads.

And finally the river. And of course, the one fish I caught all day that was worth taking a photo of was the one I dropped in the water: an honest to God 14 inch yellow perch. There were some large catfish there. I need to hit this spot at night!


  1. WOW, you covered a lot of ground and water. Yep, I would go back to the river to.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. It isn't the first time I've fished the river, but there seem to be more catfish there then usual and that warrants further exploration!