Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Multi-species Bonanza

I returned to the warm water pond, and just got back. It was a blast. The pan fish and bass are getting very active, and weeds are showing at the top. It is almost time to chase pickerel in my kayak! I managed 5 species: rudd, bluegill, pumpkin-seed, bass, and crappy. I have tried for ever to target rudd alone, as they are relatively exotic and very beautiful, but I typically catch them at random. The one I got today was very pretty and more golden than the others I have stumbled upon.

Being that these species are very easy to catch, I challenged myself by using a small barb-less fly and 5x tippet. That sure was fun when I hooked into a fat largemouth that would have edged a bit over a pound.
He dove into the weeds and gave me quite a scare. The female crappies were full of eggs, a sure sign of good weather.