Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Boy Was It Cold....

I just got back from a short excursion, and am soaked and shivering. Why did I do that again? Oh Yes, that's right, largemouth bass.

I went down to one of my favorite ponds, carrying both fly and spinning rod. I tried flies first but got no response. I then picked up the spinning rod with a tiny torpedo. The fish approved. I managed a dink and one bigger bass. The larger gave a good fight but I kept him out of the weeds.

Regardless of weather and comfort, I love to catch fish! There is always a brief spell of warmth when pulling a gorgeous wild trout out of an ice choked stream in January or catching a big walleye on a cold, windy, rainy spring day.


  1. Sorry you were shivering. Glad you had a good fishing experience. Do you have anything to keep you dry?

    1. Yes but I typically chose not to use it. I have been called crazy, but I am just used to it now.