Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wind Knot

Today I headed to my favorite wild trout stream. I was happy to find it high but clear, stone flies were out, and decided that the fishing would be decent. I Went through the paces, starting with a wet fly, then a Stimulator with a Prince Nymph dropper. This landed 2 salmon par. When I put on a stone fly nymph, all I caught was a small species of the bug it imitated.

That is a first for me!

I eventually put on a black Woolly Bugger, and that moved a few wild trout. Unfortunately they were faster than my reaction was. Eventually a deeper pool was reached, and I put a few casts through before a sharp pull and big flash followed by a snap occurred. I pulled back four feet of leader. I knew I had just been beaten by a fairly sizable wild trout. No doubt a wind knot was the culprit. 

The decision was made to change locations and go after stockies. Luckily an olive Woolly Bugger brought to hand a good brown and brooky. Next time should be different, the water is progressively getting warmer.

This enormous water beetle was just chilling out on the stream side moss.

A mouth full of chenille, marabou, hackle, and bead.

Stocked, but still pretty.

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