Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rules Can be Broken (in fishing at least)

Dull Grey
Today I went to a larger pond to see if the big bass there are getting more active. It was overcast, windy, and rained on and off. The first lure I tried was a roostertail, then a jig. Finally, I got bored. They say that top water lures are best when the water is dead calm. They say that bass won't eat a fast moving top water lure until the water is warmer than it was today. I have studied the down-south art that is bass fishing for quite a while, and everything that is said about early spring bassing was ignored when I tied on my next lure. I chose a Heddon Torpedo. The retrieve chosen was a bit faster than I use in the summer. I got a hit on the first cast. The same fish hit again twice before I hooked him solidly. He wasn't big, but he was appreciated.


  1. Maybe the "they say" rules aren't really rules at all but opinions. Glad you were lucky.