Sunday, April 20, 2014


Happy Easter everyone!

Today I broke away from the celebration to follow my typical holiday tradition. It, of course, is to do a spot of fishing. In years past I have targeted anything from Fall fish to Bass. This year, it was native  brook trout. or the short time I had, I fished using a Humpy and a Royal Wulff. The natives were happy to take, jumping for the flies as though they were grass hoppers on a warm June evening. The peace was briefly broken as I released one trout. I slipped and took a brief swim. When I came out I noticed how good it felt to be in the water. I can't wait to be swimming across deep pools to get to the good spots and wading far to deep in strong currents. For me, that is one of the excitements of fishing.

One Spot

Best of the day, about 9 inches, and an old friend.

I recognized the biggest of the Brookies I caught today as one that I landed fairly recently. I even got him out of the same pocket. Catch and release at it's finest.


  1. What beautiful creatures they are. Glad you had a great Easter. Take your snorkle next time.

    1. Thanks, I've always wanted to go snorkeling in a trout stream.