Thursday, April 17, 2014

Healthy, Feisty, and Well Fed

Today there was native trout fishing that needed done. I backed gear and hiked of to a small stream in the middle of nowhere. I found an area seemingly devoid of life. I thought for a minute, and realized that the bright sun was the culprit. I loitered on a rock and looked at bug while waiting for the action to pick up.

Then, suddenly, it was like someone flipped a switch. Bigger stone flies began to hatch an fish became active. I put on a wet fly, and dropped it in to rearrange the line. I looked up and a trout had dashed out to take my fly. He nipped at it a lot, but then turned off. I sat and tied on an edson tiger. That was all he needed. The first fish of the day was healthy and very well fed.

I tied the wet back on and was into fat, healthy, colorful natives for the rest of the day. Man, they were fighting.


  1. I love this stream. Those little beauties are fat. Nice catch...