Friday, November 21, 2014


I decided to try to get my first fish on my newly completed (maybe) rod today. Long story short, the lake was frozen, and I had almost no chance to catch anything. I got on the only open water and had enough time to tell that the rod casts very well, even in high winds. Then the frustrating iced guides, frigid wind, and apparent fish-less, grey, unattractive quality of the water drove me out.


  1. oh well, nice try. Glad the rod works well. As always, great photos. It's that time of the year and even colder. Warm weather coming your way. 45 here tomorrow. You will get a chance to fish again. You looked great in the back row last night!
    Fish on...

    1. Thank you, although the next time I fish here I will be on top of the ice. I'm glad, it was a good show.