Thursday, November 27, 2014

Third Annual Thanksgiving Brooky Trip

Year one: skunked.
Year two: A few nice ones.
Year three: skunked.
I guess next year I will make it a pattern.
The conditions weren't all that bad, with the first good snow coverage and reasonable water temperature and good flow. Hey, there were even some stones and midge hatching. But no matter the fly, it was not to be. The only thing that could have improved the day would be a Native Brooky.


  1. You got a lot more snow than we did up here (it all melted before noon). Looks like an absolutely beautiful landscape to fish in (too bad you didn't catch anything). Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I love to fish in the first snow. Always a wonderful adventure.

  2. Oh well, at least you had the time off to be out there. Today you can take a turkey sandwich with you. We got 1" of snow last night, but now it is sunny.
    Fish on...