Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mini Brookies and Frozen Streams

Almost every stream I checked today had too much ice to fish, and on the two that didn't I caught nothing at all or tiny natives. This contrast with last year's fall success. The pools I caught fish in last December are iced over right now.
There was plenty of wildlife. I watched one buck for a little while, and had a fairly close encounter with a very curious otter. He came within feet of me while I sat on a rock and looked me right in the I. Then he swam underneath that rock! A moment I wish I had been able to photograph. I do not, however, like seeing an otter on my home water. The trout population is fragile enough, and I've already chased plenty of herons out in years past. If we were managing our fisheries correctly I wouldn't have a need for concern.

 This time of year is so beautiful.


  1. You're right, so beautiful and your wonderful photos show that. It was a great day to be outside 67 here and very peaceful. Nice flies!!!!!
    Fish on...

    1. Well at least there is no hunting on Sundays here, so i'd imagine its even more peaceful.