Saturday, November 15, 2014

The First Icy Guide

I did get some healthy small stream time today. Boy was it cold! The area I had chosen still had some snow, and there were icicles and crust forming in some spots, including my guides. I was bound to nymphs and light tippets, a strange combo but the holdover and wild trout here are picky, picky! The first pool had a riser but he stopped after a few minutes, as did the thin beatis hatch. I almost immediately caught a nice brown and wrongly assume the luck would continue. The only other fish I caught was a salmon parr in a different stream. The abrupt cold has them shut down.


  1. Nice pics. The sun will keep the ice from forming on the guides. It is ccccccold!
    Nice catch.
    Fish on...

  2. Great pictures (as usual)! Keep warm though.

    1. warmth is merely a serious fisherman's luxury.