Friday, November 28, 2014

The Big Ones

I've been having a fantastic big fish year. And it isn't over yet, so this post may be a little early. I may pull something impressive out of the dark, icy waters at the last moment like I did last year. But in case I don't here are 2014's Hawg Johnson highlights:
Brown Bullhead, 17 inches, caught on an Edson Tiger
Wild Tiger Trout, 12 inches. Took a March Brown
Holdover Brooky, 13 inches, sipper of an Ausable Wulff
Rainbow, 18 inches, caught on a bead eyed mono body nymph.
Common Carp, 12 pounds, vacuumed up a modified woolly bugger.
Brown Trout, 30 inches on the nose. Caught on a articulated bluegill streamer.
Common Carp, 14 ponds, also took the modified bugger.
Twenty pound, backing and dragon nymph caught common.
Smallmouth Bass, 23 inches, chomped a dragonfly stripper nymph.
Foot long, fat Maryland Chub. Chomped a small deer hair popper.
12 Inch Native Brooky, attacked a Pine Special
Fish of a lifetime in these parts, on a sedgehammer caddis.
Another 12 inch male Speck on the Pine Special.
And another on a soft hackle.
Jumbo Perch (14 inches) on a bass bugger.
15 inches of wild Brown Trout, on the soft hackle Hairs Ear.
11 inches of raging male native on an Edson Tiger.


  1. You have done very well this year. I sure am proud of your fishing accomplishments. All of your great flies, beautiful fish, descriptive experiences and very good photos should be published.
    Fish on...

    1. Thank you. Of course that is why they are here, this is about the best way for me to be publishing regularly.

  2. Holy shit! Those are some fantastic fish man. Well done.

    1. Thank you! It was a fantastically good run.