Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Brookies Save the Day

I spent hours swinging wets and streamers today, with almost no result. I got one tug, lost a twenty inch brown (haven't gotten over it yet) and cast to a big fish that wouldn't react. In the least I got to see plenty of new water that will be terrific come spring. I ate my sandwich and drank apple cider in an absolutely terrific spot.
That being said, I was tired of eight weights and swinging and wanted to catch some fish!

Not to worry, readers, you will not have to look at another post lacking in fish. I found a small stream, switched to a smaller, more delicate rod, and a Cinnamon Kate McClaren wetfly. In the deeper pools I caught native brook trout, and two kindly allowed me to photograph them. I lost a few that were quite chunky, and landed one such male that slipped out of my hand.

In any case, it was a heck of a morale booster after am almost fish-less week.


  1. Proud of your literary triumph over the forces of nature.
    - G.

    1. Not a triumph, but rather a compromise.

  2. Those smaller streams sure do produce some amazing fish. Dedication is always rewarded one way or another. As always we have enjoyed the pics and comments.
    Fish on...