Tuesday, May 12, 2015

One of Those "Oh Crap" Moments

Yes, a big one that got away story.
I went out today to do some  various small pond stuffs. I first targeted big bluegills and spawning bass, getting one of each.

One of the most stunningly colored bluegills I have ever caught!

The second order of business was drumming up weedy bass with poppers. The only ones I got were dinks.

Finally: bullheads. Using the same method of a clouser with a worm trailer drummed up some cool looking bottom feeders.

Then the unbeleievable happened. I set into what I was sure was a turtle. It wasn't. It was an enormous channel catfish, well over 30 inches. It put a monumental bend in my fly rod. Though channels had been stocked here once, about six years ago, this pond drained one year and I didn't think any had made it. Apparently one had and is now the king of his domain. I stood there, rod doubled over, the fish digging down on the bottom. I could barely move it. Then the unthinkable happened. It went under the grass on the bank. I scared it back out by stomping around, but in a few minutes It repeated and I was unable to remove it. The 4x tippet snapped and so did my will to live. It isn't every day I nail into a monster catfish, on the fly no less. Damn.  


  1. Hay, things happen, at least you know he/she is there. I'm sure you will meet again. The color on that gill is awsome. Maybe you should have jumped in after him like they do in the south.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

  2. This is quickly becoming my favorite blog