Monday, May 4, 2015

Two Days of Panfish on the Fly and Amphibians and Reptiles

Yesterday: I caught some little bass, bluegills, and even some decent crappie and pumpkinseed. But the highlight of the day was when a giant dinosaur stared following me around and stealing my fish. No kidding. The first time this mega turtle whacked a bluegill it was 6 inches in front of me. I bronzed my pants. But after getting over my original fright I began to enjoy my new found friend and every now and then let him nail a gill' off the end of my line.

One stunning fish.

Today I fished the pond across the street, which is usually giving up monster bluegills right now. Today was a little frustrating, and frankly borderline annoying. I began to wonder why I was still there. I felt a little like this:

So I went across the street and caught a few not so monster bluegill, photographed mating toads, and caught a cute little snapping turtle. It quite frankly made my day.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! The turtle did most of the work....

  2. RM
    Absolute colorful bluegills, with some impressive footage, thanks for sharing

  3. Did I miss something, or am I confused about taxonomy....where's the reptile? Go ahead, teach your grandma something !

  4. That mega dino was something else. I've run into them on the Kiski, but that reptile is big. Can't walk that water without steel toed boots. Nice color on all the fish. Thanks for the tour!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. You have some monsters in the Kiski! I remember seeing a gar one time when I was far younger, which I thought at the time was a sturgeon. I'd like to take a tour of that river sometime soon.

  5. Thanks for educating me. Somehow, I thought they were amphibians -- live on land and/or water. Young hatch from eggs. Great carp release video, too. Kind of like going on a fishing adventure with you, but not as much fun as the real thing.
    - G.