Friday, May 29, 2015

Superb Predator

This afternoon I spent some time on the pond. First I rigged with a damsel and sight fished for bluegills, although it seemed the big bulls were very spread out. Then I went and pretty much stepped on some carp. Had I done my usual careful observation of the fishes' activities I would no doubt have caught at least one, but I got cocky, messed up my shots, and was far too blatant in my presence. I did get a perch...

But I did have a more pressing plan. I am going to get a few good chances at Northern pike in the coming weeks, so I needed to test flies and bite tippets. I do this on occasion in this pond for really big bass, huge pickerel, and walleye. It is far from a sure thing. But today payed off. The very first cast, just getting the fly wet, a decent pickerel came out of the pads and crushed it. Not being ready I trout set and hooked not the fish but the tree only. But, half an hour later and towards the end of my circuit, I was ready. And it's a darn good thing I was. A big pickerel came up and tapped the fly. I gave a long jerk. The fish reacted quickly and violently. I strip set and the fish went bat crap crazy, jumping and running and digging. I love the fight of a smallmouth, and no doubt for their size it is remarkable. But a pickerel beats a smallmouth fight again and again and again. This one was the best I have ever hooked into on a fly rod, being solidly in the 24 inch range and plenty capable of tearing a huge hole in me. It is those who don't know there fish that get bit, and I know pickerel.


  1. What a worthy opponent ! Thanks for the fish tale.
    - G.

    1. Thank you. Even on heavy tackle he gave a powerful fight.

  2. "That is a beaut" Pickeral are so much fun to catch. Nice adventure, thanks.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...