Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kirk's 2nd Fly Rod Carp and a Koi Under a Dock

The carp you see bellow was digging strongly over a gravel and sand bottom, in a spot that was perfect for casting to and fighting fish. Shortly after these photos were taken Kirk made a good cast to the right and just past the fish and I watched the fish move to it and eat. On the hook set it moved a lot of water and made a run. After a good battle on a glass rod the fish gave up and I tailed it. It was pristine!

After Kirk left I got a few shots from shore then went out on the kayak I lost one fish on the first run when the hook broke free, then missed a few takes. Then I found something really cool. Underneath this dock I spotted one big tailing common, some smaller ones, and a big bright orange fish. Koi! How crazy is that! I have been fishing this lake for years and I have seen hundreds of carp, but only one white and this orange koi. Both were in the same back bay. I tried with no success to get the fly in front of the orange one, and when it left I continued to try on the small commons but failed there too. I didn't catch a carp today, but it sure was a cool day on the water!

Big, orange, and something I have wanted to catch for a long time! 


  1. Glad Kirk was able to battle a carp. That orange monster must be from someones yard pond. Now he has a whole lake to explore. You will catch him some day.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Thank you,
      As with the big white one I doubt I will ever see it again, but then again you never know!

  2. Once again, thanks for your guidance (and enthusiasm). I hope you get another shot at the orange one.

  3. Exciting day -- thanks for sharing !