Thursday, August 13, 2015

Menhaden and Heavy Surf on the Fly

I spent the day yesterday in Rhode Island with the family. I spent the whole time on the beach napping, but when we passed a very nice little harbor and I spotted tons of menhaden I sprung into action. I was soon waiting shore side with fly rod in hand, hoping some big predators were there to eat the bunker. That never happened, but I realized that the bait were willing to nip and a tiny nymph I had on my hat and I caught quite a few of them.

Tiny but very pretty!
 Later on I found myself being pounded by surf on a rocky shoreline trying unsuccessfully to reach stripers feeding in the waves. Even the very kind surf caster next to me was having a hard time reaching them. He did get two while I was there. At one point he offered me two lures, I had to decline as I was only rigged with fly rod. Thanks any way, friend... people like that are one of my favorite thing about fishing.

The last 3 photos are courtesy of Malachi Lytle.


  1. Great adventure and great photos....give the Piano Man my congrats for those three great pix that accompany your's !
    - G.

  2. A great adventure. Family, fishing and the sea. Well composed subject from Malachi!!!!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...