Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shad/Herring and Snapper Blues in the Fog

I went to the river today. Estuaries are weird places. These are the species of fish I saw today: bunker, bluefish, either herring or juvenile shad, channel catfish, yellow perch, carp, and smallmouth. Weird combo, huh?
Any way I was not really planning to go after anything in particular, I more or less decided to see what happened. It turned out that I would catch a ton of small saltwater species on small streamers and wet flies. 

I'm not sure exactly what these were, but I think they most likely are juvenile shad. Any other ideas?

Whether they were shad or herring that was a first for me. And here is another one, a little american eel:

I a different spot I started getting hits from snapper blues. They were all over a partridge and flash soft hackle, but as the tide came in they became less focused. I got back in the game by tying on a muddler minnow and dropping the soft hackle off the back. The snappers came for the muddler, but most ended up eating the smaller fly. A couple ambitions ones did get the muddler.

No, I didn't catch any big fish. But all those that I caught were lively and beautiful, and just like brook trout that is all that matters. Plus those were the first blues of the year! Hopefully I'll get some bigger ones this fall. 


  1. I love fishing for snappers, they are so aggressive. I was at the Rocky Hill boat launch this evening and there were so many little shad. I kid caught one and it was about 3 inches long. All silver with a beautiful green back.

  2. Nice colorful catches. You never know what will take the tie in tidal water. Great photo of the fog.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...