Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Full Rich Day

I went all over the place today, hunting out brook trout streams. Some were good, others stunk. The first spot was a new one for me and took a lot of effort to reach. Luckily it was one of the two streams with native jewels. A Red Humpy took some nice little fish in nearly every pool. Come spring runoff, this will be a very productive spot.

Very pronounced lateral line on this one.

The next spot was one I have fished before. One cast with a Parachute Adam's brought up a Brooky, and his fight spooked the rest.

Luckily that was one gorgeous Brook Trout, his colors were particularly vibrant. I went take a down to at his friends, and they were very tightly grouped. It made for a pretty good picture.

I stopped at a nearby location that I knew probably didn't have brookies, but hey? Why not. There were no trout and I got nailed by a hornet. On to the next location!

The next two spots were char-free, at least at the current time.


  1. Congrats on the char! That brook looks like its got no more than a few inches of water in it.. Tomorrow is my day off, and I think I'll be hitting up a few thin blue lines. Have you had much luck on Flat Brook? or even Day Pond Brook? Feel free to meet up with me if you want -Weight Forward

    1. Thanks! The first stream was no more than 6 inches deep. Flat Brook has some Natives, I doubt that Day Pond does. I have tried it on a few occasions.

  2. you really do need rain there. It must be tough to keep from spooking them. Nice catch.
    Fish on...

    1. Yes, it took some very careful stalking