Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Fish of Ten Thousand Casts

Although this phrase is usually reserved for Muskellunge, there are none in CT. There is, however, a fish that I haven't caught on the fly any time in the last 10,000 casts. Maybe even 100,000. That fish is the common carp. Regardless of my time spent studying the art that is Carp on the fly, I have yet to get my first one this year.

Today was another spent sight fishing these lumbering beasts in the nearby ponds. I was not intending to, Largemouth Bass were the original target, but who can resist the temptation to sink a fly in front of one of these obese goldfish? Although I failed to nail into any rubber lipped water donkeys, I did catch two Smallmouth Bass and a Yellow Perch.


  1. Nice catch... and those water donkeys may take a fly late in the evening. Glad you have more water to work in.

    1. Thanks, I was out there very late into the evening anyway.