Saturday, August 23, 2014

Some A.M. Carping

Once again I was up before the sun this morning, prepping gear for the inevitable brutality that is carp fly fishing. I got on the water around 6:00. I cast to a few feeding fish, then changed to a bigger, heavier fly. I hooked into a fish almost immediately. For the fourth day in a row I was about to hear the backing knot click through the guides. It would be a long fight. The fish came in fairly well, but would not let me anywhere near it, doing a short run every time I tried to tail it. Eventually I succeeded and was able to admire the fish before releasing him. Although there were still some active fish they were moving farther and farther from shore and I was unable to hook into a second fish.


  1. that looks like it would have woken you up better than a Coffee! Frickin' huge! great fish!

    1. Thanks, it sure got the adrenaline pumping!

  2. I see why you call them "Rubber Mouths"!

  3. Wow ! Good to see what goes on so early in the morning. I've mostly given up that nonsense !

    Big Carp, again !

    -- G.