Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I have been busy catching all sorts of fish. If I am so lucky the next post will be a dump of a weeks worth of fishy photos. I can say right now I have a waiting memory card loaded with run of the mill bass pics, a couple pan fish, some pretty streams and ponds, and some nice healthy trout (mostly from today). Although I have been hanging around some small streams, I can't say I have any native trout pictures to show. The conditions were not all that conducive for catching. In the meantime, I'll post some pictures from my other favorite pass time: storm spotting. This year hasn't bee all that good, but the storms that did hit were photogenic if nothing else. Also to go along with the pics is one of my favorite songs:


  1. Great clouds, and hopefully by now you have had the ran that went through PA. The fish will be happy to have more room to run for you flies.
    Fish on...

    1. We are certainly getting our fair share! YAY!

  2. Great pix ! So glad to hear you have mastered your photo-saving issues ! G. in FL