Sunday, August 24, 2014

All Sorts of Fish on The Fly

I spent my day in the middle of nowhere on a very rich river. My goal was to get as many different species as possible. I got six. That is pretty good. The first four fish in the cavity of a fallen tree were all different species. A Green Sunfish, a Bluegill, a juvenile Smallmouth, and a Chub.

I fooled around trying to catch risers with dries. I missed a trout take on a humpy and caught a nice chub. Then changed to a buck tail and caught a very colorful Smallmouth and then a nice Rainbow Trout.

I continued to wander around, and eventually spotted a trout rising to beatis, of course a bug I couldn't match. I tried a few other patterns, none of which got so much as a brief peek.

Fall colors starting to show.
 After making an attempt at the trout I poked my way through pocket water looking for a nice Smallmouth. I caught a couple in deeper crevices between boulders.

Downstream I found an interesting ledge. I crossed the river to get a closer look. The underside of a large granite over hang had been refilled with sand by the river, making a home for hundreds of Ant L:ions and a family of American Toads.

Later on, upstream, a Stimulator saw some action from several Smallmouth Bass. A few Rainbow trout were caught casting a sulfur dun. I even caught my first ever sucker on a stonefly nymph, although I dropped it before I could get to the camera. That was the last fish, bringing the species count up to 6.


  1. Nice catch and great pics. A great day to be out there. Wish I were with you!!!
    Fish on...

  2. Thanks for sharing the adventure ;-)

    - G.