Saturday, August 2, 2014

Low Water, Small Streamer, Ugly Brooky!

I wanted to get back on the trout scene, so I headed to a small stream hoping that this mornings rain brought up the flow. It didn't, but I was rewarded with the first cast of the bead eyed stonefly nymph. A nice clean Brook trout fought well before coming to hand. Given his condition in comparison to most stockers, I would say that he is likely a holdover, most wild Brookies in this stream do not exceed 8 inches.
The colors are still pretty, maybe he will go on to make little wild char.

After releasing that beauty, I headed upstream in hopes of more natural trout. I was mostly unsuccessful, but one nice little Brownie was fooled by a nymph.

I went back down stream to sight fish for stocked trout with a streamer. The pattern was a yellow marabou streamer. The first fish I sought out was a toad of a brooky, clearly a broodstock. What is the chance that he would want to eat? I dumped the fly on his nose and eat it he did. After a while I was able to tail and land the pig. We was every bit as long as my forearm. I wish I could say my PB Brooky was a native, but this ugly beast kicked the previous record out of the way. Looks like its time to plan a trip to Maine!


  1. That was a good day, nice catches, even with low water. It's so nice to see a stream with no Japanese knotweed chocking everything out. The trout are magnificent.
    Fish on...

  2. I'd say that was a good day!

  3. too bad about the water levels.. A lot of work just popped up for me with the Eight Mile and since ill be moving out at the end of the month to go to school, I don't think Ill have as much time as id like to get on the water. How far up do you go? it looks like the state land on the map goes all the way up to Flood Rd. It would be quite a hike with no trails but anything for a few 8inch fish....wait what? hahahaaa -WeightForward

    1. Just past Urban Art Tunnel. Everything above that is perfect.