Friday, August 1, 2014

Wandering the Flats

Well, my day in Rhode Island was interesting. I was there with family and friends, and they wanted to go to the beach, where I promptly ditched them for favor of a less crowded location. I walked to a shallow bay and began an aimless march across the grassy flats, fly rod in hand. Although a small bluefish was landed, it made the slip before I could photograph him. I did manage to snag the most minute fish I have ever caught on rod and reel, and intentionally caught some blue crabs on a woolly bugger. What the hell, why not? It is always incredible how much life inhabits these flats. Biting flies, gnats, midges, sand flees, snails, cranes, killdeer, snakes, many different small fishes, horseshoe crabs, clams, you name it. At one point I was walking when in front of me a bunch of little black heads simultaneously popped out of the grass and eyed me with suspicion. When I had gotten a little closer the all became airborne, a flock of blackbirds 50 strong. I took time to examine the water for signs of game fish, which I knew were unlikely to show. I sat to watch a horseshoe crab hunting for tidbits in ruby red garnet sand, and found some of his friends working on making the next generation. There was one crab that I decided to catch to get a close look at. When I returned him to the water he retreated with shocking speed! All in all, it was a pretty great day. I don't need to catch a twenty pound Striper to satisfy me. (although I sure wouldn't have complained!)


  1. Thanks for beautiful nature safari ! G.

  2. As one of our smallest states, Rhode Island certainly had a lot to offer. Great pictures.