Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Evening Bass (Written on the 18th)

I went back out today to see if the carp were in the same mood as yesterday. I should really have taken the conditions into consideration. Yesterday, the morning and much of the afternoon was rainy or at least cloudy. Today there was mild to no cloud cover. The vacuums of the lake were just not in the mood to play. But hey, why leave? Carp are by no means the only fish around worth hunting. In fact the are pretty low on most peoples' lists. So I used the same flies, just with a faster retrieve and a little less sinking time. It worked fairly well, as I hooked into a very nice largemouth that fought like a bull. 


  1. Entertainiing "short story" today. Thanks !


  2. Go for the pickeral. They can give a good stretch on your line. With the weather changing things can get real interesting. Fish on...

    1. I try in there but they are just not so easily one over by flies.