Sunday, September 14, 2014


Upon returning home after my highly enjoyable wilderness survival outing, I decided to go out and catch some Native Brookies. The location of choice was a thin blue line deep in a ravine. The streams are running well. I planned to use dries, but they were only being taken when the sun went behind a cloud. The next choice was a wet fly, and that is what stayed on the end of my tippet for the majority of the time. When I scrambled into the ravine I spooked a few Fish in the pool bellow me. I vowed to catch them on the way back down.

I did get a few on dries, but eventually, in a deep man made plunge pool, I started nailing nice ones on wets. Then I went back down and caught two of the ones that I had spooked. These fish were all strikingly spotted. One was already in full fall dress.

I picked out a section farther up, but it appeared to have been cleaned out by herons. All I could find was two inch juveniles. Maybe in a few years it will be really nice.

On the way home, I stopped at a swamp to get some big panfish on dries. I got some nice Bluegills and Pumpkinseeds before calling it a day.

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