Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh, The Colors of Fall

This evening I had the urge to go out into the woods and tempt some wild trout with buck tails. I wasted no time in getting to the stream. It was getting a healthy dose of yellowed leaves, and the water was low and incredibly clear. I think the leaves make it appear even more transparent than usual.

The first fish to come to the Edson Tiger was a beautiful female Brooky, a perfect native. This was a special fish, above average in size for this stream. She was coated with small orange spots that were darker in the middle than on the outside, a trait common in this stream's natives. 

The catching continued, with two nice wild Brown Trout. Both took a yellow marabou streamer; the first coming from his post in from of a rock to smash the fly, the other speared out of an undercut. I missed plenty of takes in between as well. 

Farther upstream, in a long pool, a big wake chased my fly. The streamer was then ignored, so on went another. When that came up flat, I noticed a few small poppers in the box and decided they might do the trick. One went on, and sure enough a big brown came up to clobber it. I missed him twice! I'll get him next time. The next pool had a riser, and with a Red Humpy another fantastic native Brook Trout came to hand, this one a colored up male. He was displaying the orange- red spots much better then the female had. He was returned and I left the stream for the evening.


  1. nice looking fishes! streams always look best in fall

    1. Thanks. It is my favorite season for fishing.

  2. What great little natives they are. The color is awesome. The color is coming on fast and the trees are dry.Fish on...