Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gaining Courage

I noticed this afternoon that the weather was ideal for carping. I chose to return to the site of the crime, to once again do battle with the fly line stealing crowd of Common Carp. As I expected there was plenty of activity. However, for one reason or another, it was just not to be. I lined one fish and missed two takes. Not to be out done, I still landed a well colored Perch. In the end I was wet and late for a meeting. I guess that's all I really needed out of the trip anyway.


  1. You were out on the water and thats what gives your soul the energy to go further. Tomorrow will be a better day on the line.
    Fish on...

  2. Do I see some Fall color and your sleve suggests it's getting cooler there? Maybe the chill caused the Carp to be still.

    1. The air was much cooler then the water, and the carp were really active, but not in spots where casting is doable.