Friday, September 12, 2014


I tried a bit of time on my favorite small stream today. It is very low, so I had a feeling it would be a trip. It was. I first tied on a wet fly and landed a nice little Salmon Parr.Then, seeing rises and some beatis, so I tied on a size twenty blue wing olive. It took me one clearly stocked brown trout. Good fins, but sloppy coloration. I then proceeded to get refusals. this prompted me to change to a twenty-two. That got the same responses. When wild freestone small stream trout are this picky, it is best just to cut your losses. This is exactly what I did. Regardless of the lack of success, I was glad to spend an afternoon on this stream. The past few trips were in the morning. I had forgotten how quickly it gets dark in that hemlock lined canyon.


  1. Nice critters on a beautiful stream landscape. I'd say you did well. You could probably find your way out in the dark by now. Fish on...