Friday, September 12, 2014

Taking the Weekend Off

I'm going to go out and practice my wilderness survival skills over the weekend. It's about time I bone up on my shelter building and fire cooking skills. I will be back Sunday afternoon, and depending on how much work I need to do I should be able to get a few hours of fishing in. I ordered new line to replace the one stolen by the carp, so I will probably go out to give it a try. Or maybe I'll go chuck streamers at that big brown I found last weekend. Before I pack tonight I am going to go threw some of my photographs from the years before I blogged to see if I can put a post together.


  1. A well-deserved break before temps drop significantly, and thanks for leaving the note, explaining your whereabouts.
    - G.

  2. The fish will miss you. Hope your journey is warm dry and educational. fish on...