Monday, September 22, 2014

The Streamer Cause

This evening I was ready to go out and fish the Salmon River with streamers. In fact, the only boxes I packed were loaded with Bucktails, Woolly Buggers, Clousers, and Barely Legals. When I got to the pool of choice I saw some risers, but those were not what I was looking for. I tied on a streamer. Half an hour and two hits later, I remembered that I stuck one little stonefly In that box. To stave off the skunk, out it went. A moment later it was slurped down by a nice Rainbow.

After that I continued to fish streamers. Further downstream, I took one Smallmouth bass and had a brooky on briefly, bringing my day to an end. 


  1. I could swear I heard the water in the background. Wow !
    - G.

    1. It is beautiful on the river this time of year.