Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sipping Midges

This is not a post about trout. It is about Bass and pan fish. Today I went to the farm pond to find a heavy midge emergence of size 14 midges. I had to go home to get the right gear. When I got back, I took a nice bluegill. Then I got the daintiest of takes. It was a disturbance, then a slurp. None of the fish came above the surface, there was barely even a dimple. Silly me, I thought it was small. Nope, I was briefly hooked into a fair sized largemouth. With a similar take I got a smaller one. Fish never cease to amaze me.


  1. There is nothing like the surprize from the old farm pond. It's an eco sistem all of it's own.
    Fish on...

  2. Color saturation in these 2 pix just amazing !

    1. I accidentally left the camera on sunset scene, and they turned out great!