Friday, September 5, 2014

Some Small Streaming

I went to test out a possible new Brook Trout stream. It was gorgeous, having some classic wooded freestone parts as well as pristine meadow stretches. However, it appeared that this water is only inhabited by chubs.

Of course, these were no ordinary chubs! They were flying chubs. Only briefly does one have the opportunity to take a picture of one before the decide to take off.

I did want to end the evening with some natives, so I went to a more familiar stream There the first fish would be the biggest I have ever caught in that stream. He took the PT dry with force and used every bit of the pool to try escaping. Although many other fish would later escape, he did not. The evening was finished off with plenty of juveniles and one more bigger (by comparison) Brooky. Then, in the dying light, I watched the yellow sallies hatch.

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