Tuesday, June 14, 2016

52 Miles

I bike a lot. 60 miles is not an atypical week for me. But today I wanted to go further. I chose a route based on good mountain biking trails, back roads, access points to the Airline Trail, and potential fishing spots. The ending point would be the Willimantic River, and the entirety of the trip would total a little over 52 miles. On the way I passed a dog walker and he asked me "where you fishing?" and I replied "all over the place". That was the most accurate possible answer in my mind.

The goal was not only to bike a long ways, but to fish a bunch of different bodies of water. I fished 11 different ponds and streams, starting only one hundred yards from my house. The first two ponds gave up sunfish. One little red breast and one big bluegill.

The first two streams I fished each gave up a nice brown trout. The first was a classic lateral line take, I made the cast downstream and adjacent to the fish and it felt it and turned around to grab the stimulator.

The next spot was a big weedy pond, and I didn't really want to stay long so all I got was a small bluegill.

The next two streams only gave up little fallfish, which was fine with me because I wasn't expecting much else from them.

The fifth river is one I had never fished. It turned out to be loaded with gorgeous red breast sunfish.

Fifteen minutes later I was in Willimantic, and the river of the same name proved to be full of panfish. I was hoping for carp or bass, but I did get one pumpkinseed-redbreast hybrid, and that was pretty cool. I ate my lunch there as well, pumpkin seeds and mandarin oranges.


On my way home I made one last stop, and I caught a brown and a rainbow on big fanwing dries.

Was that 52 miles worth it? For the fish, not really. For the whole experience, absolutely!


  1. 14 pictures down, the one with the ironwork; there are brookies in there. Im not sure where they go this time of year but if you fished it a month ago you'd do well. I caught a 9 inch male right in that spot where all the foam builds at the bottom of the cascade on a Mr. Rapidan. -Weightforward

    1. Huh! I've always that there should be brookies in that stream but I've never caught one in the three times I've been there.

  2. Rowan, Thanks for sharing your adventure. I enjoyed the ride too!! Good variety of fish also!! Nice Job!

  3. Yep, the experience is what it's all about. Nice trip and some great fish. Are your legs hurting?
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

  4. And I'm beat after biking 6 miles to go fishing. That's very impressive

  5. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Looking forward to see your next blog.