Sunday, June 19, 2016

Small Ponds, Warm Weather, and Photography

I've been doing a little bit of pond fishing the last couple of days. I was hoping for some big topwater bass at first, but eventually I gave up hope and just fished for sunfish on beds, the only fish taking on top were dinky bass. After having such a ridiculously early spring and good panfish fishing through much of the winter I haven't really been in the mood for bluegills for a little while, so I focused more on photography during the last two trips. Besides, who needs to see hundreds of photos of cookie cutter fish? I didn't bother with any fish photos that weren't artistic.


  1. Awesome looking last few trips RM! Also, it was fun to see your Salmon from a few years ago, and revisit that story a bit in Steve Culton's article in American Angler recently!

    That pic of the cable tower is awesome! Really neat perspective!

    Keep well

    1. Thanks,
      Steve always seems to do a good job on with pieces.

  2. Those nesting beds are awesome. They work so hard to continue the cycle of life.
    Great photos!!!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...