Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bass on Glass

...and 5x.

I went back to catch the bass that gave me such a hard time the other day. I am working on getting the biggest possible bass on the three weight Wonder Rod and 5x, so I figured she would be good practice. A dumbbell eyed bucktail went on, and after about fifteen minutes she was ticked off enough to start nipping it. A few minutes later she took it and took it well.

She fought strongly, taking plenty of line. Two long runs were made, as well as one jump and plenty of head shaking. As a final act of defiance she buried into the roots of a small bush. I walked over and she looked up at me frantically. I pulled her out and removed the hook. After being photographed the soon to be mother was returned, and I was pleased to see her go back to her nest. To top that off I got to sight cast to bluegills that are just making beds. Theirs nothing like a big ol' gill.

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