Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Good Time on a Small Stream

Dalton and I fished a stream near his home today. It is host to wild trout, stockers, chubs, bass, sunfish, and pickerel. There are probably some catfish in there, Dalton said he saw a channel cat of about five pounds once when the water was low. I got their first and cast my bucktail. I got takes but no fish. Dalton came and got a Native first cast with a Panther Martin Spinner. The bastard.
Anyway, we moved downstream and I managed chubs for a while but got some pulls from trout. Meanwhile Dalton got stocked browns to chase and slash at the spinner and got a pretty rough brooky.

Continuing down I finally got my trout, a descent brown. I would have preferred to get the wild ones, but they reside further in upstream. on the way back up, I spotted a turtle on the bottom of the stream, in a patch of sunlight. He was sitting calmly, minding his own business. Dalton went in a caught it. It was a nice grumpy wood turtle, and he was non to pleased about his capture. The turtle hissed and buried himself in his shell, so he was returned quickly and safely.


  1. Great brookie.........the stream looks to be in wonderful shape.