Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hail and Bullheads

Today felt like a good time for some good old fashioned bait fishing for bullheads. Oh, I can already hear the purists groaning.

Any way, I went to the yard to dig up some worms. In the evening I went down to the pond carrying both spinning and fly rod. While the worms did their job on the bottom, I cast a fly and caught sunfish. Suddenly, a storm showed up and started blowing a bit of blowing and hailing. Their I stood, trying to untie a massive tangle in sheets of rain, pea sized hail, and powerful gusts of wind. Within about fifteen minutes the storm had subsided and I was catching strong little bullheads. None of the big boys showed themselves, I'll be back soon to pay them a visit.


  1. Gnarly looking storm clouds.

  2. See how the weather excitement finds you?


    1. I only wish it would find me at mare convenient times. However, the trip wouldn't have been nearly as fun.