Friday, May 30, 2014

Hot Before the Storm

I went to my home water today, this time by bike. I had forgotten how convenient it was. I reached the stream and was delighted to see the water level was perfect. The air smelled perfect, and the water clearer than clear. An assortment of typical small stream bugs were hatching: Hendricksons, Little Yellow Sallies, Midges.

The first fly used was a red Humpy. It was eaten by a fairly healthy Brown and some Salmon Parr.

After failing for a while to get hits on the Humpy, I put on a dry dropper rig. I haven't used dry droppers often until recently, when I did I did because it was the only way to see rises to a small dry or emerger. I have to say that I have taken a liking to such a set up. Today a pheasant tail was dropped off of an Ausable Wulff. It killed. Though it took me a while to get in the rhythm, and I ended up missing an absolute hog. I would have to say he would go sixteen inches. For a small stream that is enormous.

When I did get in the right timing, the trickle of trout became a flood. To my delight among the Browns and Parr a Native Brook Trout found the fly.

In one pool that I know to be very productive, I got two sizeable Browns from a foam line on the far side. All of the fish fought well, but these two were particularly strong for some unknown reasons. As I fished the skies clouded over, and thunder rumbled in the distance. The fishing was good so I ignored the weather.

I was finnally ready to leave when rain began to spatter down. I was a wet ride home.

I decided to take video at one good pool and got one to eat the Bomber on video. It was actually the last of the day.


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  1. Very glad you shared this great fishing day. Loved the picture and video. Sorry it ended with rain.