Saturday, May 31, 2014

White Caddis

Today I did some warm water fishing, first for green sunfish in a mil pond. I used a white palmer dry fly. The fish were all tiny, so I moved to another pond.

The second pond is a bit bigger and loaded with big Bluegill and Bass. Coincidentally a heavy hatch of white caddis was on, with Bass and Bluegill rising to them. My size twelve white palmer matched them as good as anything. I was soon nailing good sized Bluegill and the occasional Bass. I caught fish well into the dark, and the caddis just kept coming. By the time I left it was to dark to see the fly, so I had it sunken and was using a figure eight retrieve. The fish at it less often but it was easier to tell when they did.

Fat Belly!

Hard to focus in the dark.