Thursday, May 15, 2014

Multi-species at it's Finest

I went back to the lake today, this time with kayaks and my fishing partner, Dalton. We found a fairly and wavy water body, and went for shelter in the lee of an island. First cast with a Rapala Original floating minnow and a big walleye hit. I fumbled and missed. A few casts later and I caught little brother.

Nothing came for the next hour or two, so wen moved to where a pond connects to the lake and docked. Dalton used a wacky worm, and I switched to the fly rod and used a dragonfly nymph. I was rewarded with perch, and Dalton with a fine Pickerel.

After that we went to a marina good for bass. I went to a wacky worm, and boated a very light colored smallmouth and an equivalently sized largemouth. It was after that when we had to leave. The only species that was caught more than once was the yellow perch. That is quite an interesting afternoon of fishing! 


  1. Hard to beat a wacky worm. When I fish conventionally, thats my go to.

    1. It almost feels like cheating because it works so well!