Monday, May 26, 2014

Oh, The Hit of a Pickerel

Today I wanted to fish a pond that can only be fly fished from a boat or kayak. Unable to do so today, I traversed the shore throwing spinnerbaits and top water lures. I got one Largemouth on the spinnerbait, and one on a jig. Both took next to a sunken tree. Quit a few bass took the Heddon Torpedo.

I love bass, but little can trump the attack of Esox niger on a topwater lure or fly. They come in from the side and turn as they hit, sending an arc of spray into the air. Often the come clean out of the water in the attack. Unfortunately they are good at missing the lure altogether. I lost all but one of the twelve or so that charged the torpedo.

I also saw a bunch of big common carp hanging out in the flats. Some were sipping seeds, Alder Flies (these big caddis like bugs were fairly active, blundering into the surface on occasion) and vegetation.

Looks like I'll need to get the dog biscuits and spun dear hair dry flies ready!


  1. Nice bunch of fish... give that rabbit a line to fish with.
    I love that pickeral. Fish on...

    1. Thanks, haven't met a pickerel I didn't like.