Sunday, May 25, 2014


Today my fishing revolve arround the use o weighted flies and tiny shot. The first location these were used was a small native trout stream, where an Isonichia pattern manged a good sized Brook Trout amid Salmon Par. He ate in a run at the head of a pool. The big boy did a few jumps and one good run. I got him in safely and he gave me a brief window of opportunity to take his picture. Back he went, his red fins the only part of him that was visible against the pebbled background.

On to a big stocked river I went, there the Iso did the trick, coming up twice with Rainbow attached. When it failed to produce the Copper John did, and a 15 inch brown trout came to my feet. The last fly of the day broke the rule, a bucktail. Several casts later it was taken by something big. By the bronze and red flash I knew it was a large brook trout. The line when slack. My heart caught in my throat. I hat loosing good fish. I stood silently or a while.

Looked down while kneeling by the pool and this guy was right by my knee.

Out of focus, but this boy is blind. Look close.

Good lord I need to stop shaking so much!

Don't care what they say, chubs are beautiful!


  1. Did the Turtle make up for the one that got away? I hope so.

    1. I found it before loosing that big boy.

    2. Wouldn't have helped much anyway.