Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Today I went down to the farm pond for some big bluegills. with a Royal Coachmen and a Yellow Humpy I exhausted the hungry and surprisingly big fish in the pond. One actually broke me off.

When the fish stopped eating, I went across the street to the pond with the bullheads, bass, and crappie are. I first caught some little gills' on the dry, then put on an Edson Tiger and went over to an area that a big bass calls home. On the way I saw an unusual looking surface disturbance. A closer look revealed a bullhead, better in size than any I had caught on bait. He was eating from the stems and underside of lily pads, and sucking up bits of bread someone had intended for ducks. The tiger was good enough though, and he took off with a run. I landed him.


  1. Your "grands" in Florida say "WOW!''

  2. Wow - what a bull head! Fun fishing catching gill's like that!

    1. Thank you. It was my first on a fly and my PB brown bullhead. Somehow I managed a much better yellow bullhead on a soft plastic a few years ago.