Friday, June 27, 2014

A Good Day on Two Streams

I went out to some streams today that I fish every now and then. They both have wild and stocked trout, although one requires a five mile hike to find the wild ones. One has fair Smallmouth fishing when it gets warm.

The first I fished today has a very productive bend pool, and that is where I fished. I messed around for a while with big dries, including a skater, but only got a chase. Eventually I sat to snack on an apple and observe the insects on the water. Some size eighteen sulfurs and the occasional terrestrial were being taken. All of the terrestrials were eaten only if the were moving a bit. But a lot of rises were sips for the emerging mayflies. I started catching fish by sight casting to them with a soft hackle sulfur and a parachute.

After working over and catching the risers, I went to the fast water at the head of the pool. On the way I stopped to look at a leech suddenly, !Kamikaze Trout! A big brown came flying out of the rocks and attacked the leech, then my feet. I was shocked. I was being stealthy but what would cause even a stocked trout to decide my laces may be food? I will never know what that fishes purpose was. 

After getting over the spook, I tied on an Isonychia Nymph and caught a mice Brown, two Bows, and a little Brown.

Wanting to get into some Bass, I went to the other stream, expecting it to already be to warm for trout. It wasn't. I managed on Brown fairly easily with the soft hackle.

I then found a more formidable aponant in a Rainbow. I kept getting refusals, then finally got him on an emerger.


  1. Sounds as though it was a good day. Can't believe the milkweed is getting ready to bloom. You'll be seeing Monarchs soon. Can't get over a trout coming after your shoelace!

  2. Haven't seen milkweed in a few years, but your wonderful pix triggered an aromatic memory, plus a tactile one of that sticky, white gunk within. Your piscatory pix are great, too!
    G. in FL